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Tutor Doctor of Raleigh & Wake Forest

Serving Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Cary, and the surrounding areas of the Triangle
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Reviews & Success Stories

Browse Through These Success Stories and See What Others are Saying About Their Experience with Tutor Doctor.

“We have used Tutor Doctor Raleigh and Wake Forest for a couple of years now and have been really pleased with the people and the results. Roy and Janet work hard to find the right match for the student and for the subject. We have now had different qualified tutors for Chemistry, Math and English, all of whom have been really good on the subject and engaged well with our children. Also, its easy to work with them as they find the right tutors fast and are able to match schedules as well to make it convenient.”

– Alex, Wake Forest, North Carolina

“Our daughter has improved her grades in such a short period of time! Her tutor has really made a great impact on not just her academics but her confidence has improved as well. Her tutor teaches her long term strategies that are really working. This was and continues to be a great investment.”

– Dama, Wake Forest , North Carolina

My wife and I want to commend Tutor Doctor for the exemplary service that you have provided in tutoring our son. Although math is still a difficult subject for him, he now approaches his assignments and tests with a confidence that was previous lacking. His study skills have improved greatly and his interactions with his math teacher are now more proactive. We attribute these improvements directly to your tutoring service. We also want to thank you again for regularly contacting us to ensure our satisfaction and more importantly, our son’s progress. We highly recommend your service to other parents and families who may have a child with academic struggles or challenges.

– Mark, Rolesville, North Carolina

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for all Tutor Doctor did to help my son succeed. You showed great caring and professionalism throughout the process and we really appreciated that. Ilene worked wonders with my son even though I know it wasn’t always easy. I know she did a lot of extra work on her own time and also just to gain more insight into what Jimmy needed to learn. You are all a credit to your profession.”

– Parent of Jimmy; Learning Common Core Math in Raleigh, North Carolina

“Tutor Doctor Raleigh and Wake Forest team has brought a higher level of professionalism and personal service to the Raleigh area. There is no better option for personalized, one-on-one in home academic coaching. I recommend them highly!”

– Cynthia, Educator

“Convenience of having the tutor come to my home is a great asset. I have an extremely busy schedule and this is most suitable for me. I also like the fact that my daughter seems to like the sessions. She looks forward to having her tutor come.”

– Lenora,Raleigh, North Carolina

“Free, in home consultation, time and understanding taken to make sure student-tutor match is successful. Follow up on tutoring sessions and background checks on tutors.”

– Anne, parent of, Raleigh, North Carolina

“I absolutely love everything about Tutor Doctor Raleigh & Wake Forest. They have great staff and the tutors are picked based on the child’s needs. They also call just to check and see how everything is going. I haven’t had any problems with Tutor Doctor and I would recommend them to anyone that needs a tutor.”

– Christi, Wake Forest, North Carolina

“Our math tutor went above and beyond. She put a lot of thought into how to make the experience positive and successful. She put together plans and outlines. It was clear she did a lot of preparation. The match of tutor to student was very good as well.”

– Sandy, Raleigh

“Your ability to find someone who is such a great match to work with my daughter. Savannah hated math, failed two math classes. She felt helpless, and was ready to stop trying. That is when I found you. It has been a few semesters now and as of yesterday, Savannah brought home a very high C in math. Only one point away from a B. She is no longer dreading math class, but actually excited about getting her grade up even higher. Ashley, her tutor is a blessing for Savannah. During sessions, they laugh together, and Savannah really understands what she is learning. Thank you for giving Savannah a chance to succeed!”

– Lisa, Raleigh, North Carolina

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