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Tutor Doctor of Raleigh & Wake Forest

Serving Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Cary, and the surrounding areas of the Triangle
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Math Tutoring in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville Area

Are you looking for math tutoring?

We provide our math tutoring support in a wide range of subjects.

Math Tutoring in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville AreaAt Tutor Doctor in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville Area, we know that gaining fundamental math skills early on will help your student throughout his or her life. Our tutors help overcome roadblocks that prevent students from following classroom discussions and learning along with the class. The math skills learned early in a child’s schooling serve as the foundation for more complex math in high school and beyond. If even the smallest piece of knowledge is missed, the results down the road can be very frustrating.

At Tutor Doctor, we tutor students for success in mathematics. Whether you or your student needs help with basic K-12 math, algebra, or more advanced high school math topics, we are your solution for success! Our math tutors offer professional and personalized tutoring for all ages and all abilities.

You can trust Tutor Doctor to help make math easier to understand and get your student back on track. Our approach works within the student’s own homework and curriculum, plus we use our time together to rebuild any missing pieces that may have occurred along the way.

While our students come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, our tutors are all highly trained professionals who will insure that your skills and understanding grows.

Tutor Doctor offers a variety of math tutoring services at varying experience and grade levels. You can call Tutor Doctor for effective, affordable tutoring help in nearly any math concentration, including:

  • Advanced Functions (AFM)
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Calculus
  • Elementary School Math
  • Middle School Math
  • Decimals
  • Exponents
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Common Core Math
  • Math I, II, III
  • Discrete
  • Pre-Calculus

Start Excelling in Mathematics – call us now to get started and request a Free Consultation today!


High School – Math Tutoring

“Our tutors have been amazing and very accommodating even over the summer months. I would recommend this agency to anyone. One concern that I have heard is the cost so in that respect I gues not everyone values the learning and supportive opportunities that we have experienced. My daughters have felt more confident when going In to a test or exam. We are very pleased with the quality of the math tutoring and science tutoring that we have been connected with.”

“Tutor is great with my son. The fact that Tutor Doctor comes to us and works with our schedule is the greatest!!! We look forward to GREAT results from his math tutoring this year!!!”

“I like that you are very picky about who will work well with my child. I love the new tutor and Barbara really takes her to heart. She said to me since I am in 9th grade my grades count for college and I want to do well like my tutor!Her tutor is going to medical school and comes right from college to tutor Barbara and sometimes she is in uniform from her class. This has made Barbara really think about what she wants to do someday and how important it is to get good grades so she can go where ever she wants for college. Barbara has always struggled with school and having a tutor is really helping her be confident. She now is thinking she can be successful in school,even if that means getting help that it isn’t a weakness to get help but a strength.Thank you”

“Your tutors come to the house. I dont have to drive anywhere. Our tutor is FABULOUS!! We love her because she connects with my daughter and teaches her the subject in a way Jess understands, thus the confidence builds!”

“Our tutor was very kind and patient. She gave our daughter confidence to not only open up and learn, but to actively participate in class. We were delighted that Isimbi went from being bottom of the class up to “above average” (her teacher’s words) in 12 weeks.”

“We were matched with Cady that turned out great for our son. I thought as a teen age boy he would resent tutoring, but he loved having the support. He created a friendship with her that made the weekly sessions fun not work.

“Our tutor has done an outstanding job working with my daughter to make sure she understands the work and that she is prepared for assignments and upcoming tests. It is because of his help, she was able to go from a C- to a B+ in her math class.”

“My son’s tutor is tuned in to my son’s needs and adapts the training to his needs while making it fun. There isn’t a night that goes by that my son and his tutor aren’t giggling and laughing about something during the lesson. He has fun while he is also learning.”

High School – Math Test

“I am very impressed with the service and the accurate tutor match that was made for for my granddaughter. The tutor is doing very well with her and she is learning faster and has more confidence with her math tests and homework.Great Job and thank you for your help.”

High School – Math Algebra II

“Tutor is great. I don’t think my daughter could be getting a B in Algebra II without her and she is also helping with Physics. She has made a huge difference in the stress in my family since we are not worried about a failing grade anymore” 🙂

High School – Algebra

“I liked everything about Tutor Dr. The personalized attention that my daughter receives during tutoring has helped my daughter out so much. I connected Tutor Dr.because my daughter had failed the 1st semester of 9th Algebra.I knew as a parent I had to do all that I could to get my daughter help because, she was not about to fail another semester. Tutor Dr came out to our home and tested her level of math to get an idea where my daughters level of math was. Tutor Dr. then let us know how many days my daughter would need of tutoring. Then he matched us with the right person. Our tutor is the best match for my daughter and we our so, lucky he is part of our family now. Because , that is what our tutor is to us now. The tutor build my daughters confidence and helped her better understand the math to where she is no longer afraid of math. My daughter is a cheerleader has a very busy schedule and I can always count on my tutor to work around our schedule. The comfort of our tutor coming to us and me as a parent no longer having to run somewhere else to take my daughter to get help with tutoring is GREAT. My daughter went from failing the 1st semester to passing the 2nd semester with 103%in Math. Without a doubt I know I made the right choice for my daughter and the future of her career.”

High School – SAT®

“Our Daughters tutor is very dedicated to helping improve Sophie’s skills in Maths as a result her Year end report was very positive and she moved up 2 levels to a 3A. She also completed her SAT®’s and felt that she was able to give it her best and the questions that she got wrong,at home Sophie would of answered correctly with no problem and a level 4 would of been achievable. Very happy with the quality of teaching and extremely pleased with Sophie’s progress.”

Middle School – Math

“The tutors are seasoned and not only teach the math concept but also focus on the reasoning skills in mathematical equations. They are also dependable and professional.”

“Tutor is exceptional with our son. She boosts his confidence, always follows through on what she says she is going to do, brings materials for him to work on, goes out of her way to build a relationship outside of tutoring which makes him feel very comfortable with her. Great tutor!!!”

“I believe you to be very thorough and professional. Our experience with working with one of the tutors so far has been a very positive experience. Highly qualified, professional, and good communication.”

“Personally I like the consultation process, which in the end help to match your child to the best possible Last name removed to suit his/her need. My child really likes her Last name removed and I have seen vast improvement since she has started tutoring.”

“Great! We are delighted with the service so far and have already recommended you to our friends. Daisy’s tutor is excellent we have been very happy with the progress Daisy has made.”

“I love that my daughters Tutor is so patient and positive. She has given her alot of confidence and taught her some great little tricks to help her with her math. We could not be happier!”

“Our daughter’s tutor (Mary) has helped our daughter understand difficult math problems and has given our daughter confidence in school.”

“The tutor we had was well versed in the subject and was able to see the holes in my granddaughter’s learning and try to fix them up before advancing. He was most pleasant,polite,competent and on time. He was perfect for the task of covering the grade 8 mathematics curriculum with my granddaughter in about 6 weeks at 2 two hour sessions per week. The owner also came for a full free diagnostic consultation, and she too was knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Tutor Doctor! A great service!”

College – Calculus

“We love the tutor that we have for our daughter. She is very knowledgable and experienced as well a being kind and caring. In addition, she is such a great match personality wise for our daughter. We feel blessed to have her in our lives. I also have to praise Sarah for really listening to us and the needs of our daughter. Education Consultant did an amazing job choosing (matching) our daughter with her tutor.”

“I also started with my own tutor last week for a Calculus course I am taking. We have been so happy with our experience so far, that I choose tutor Last name removed for my tutor as well. I have had one session with my tutor so far and it was great. He seems to be a great match for me as well.”


“I like that you me with us personally and listened to what we needed from a tutor and then paired Hannah with someone that she was very comfortable with. I like that the tutors send you a recap of what each session involved and that I was able to see that report. Hannah got in the car after each session actually excited about working hard and seeing progress…I like that most of all. Thank you for a wonderful experience preparing for this ACT. Regardless of the outcome, this was a positive experience for my daughter. God bless you as you assist others.”

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