Tutor Doctor of Raleigh & Wake Forest

Proudly Serving Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Cary, and the surrounding
areas of the Triangle
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Tutor Doctor of Raleigh & Wake Forest

Serving Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Cary, and the surrounding areas of the Triangle
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Tutor Doctor Raleigh and Wake Forest – Our Difference

Tutor Doctor Raleigh and Wake Forest provides affordable one-on-one in home tutoring. We create an individualized educational plan for each student and match tutors based on the student’s academic needs and personality. Tutor Doctor can provide support to classroom instruction and assignments and go back and deal with building blocks that were missed. One-on-one tutoring helps students build confidence, and get individualized support and better grades. We recognize that making a difference on a student’s academic performance involves connecting with students to build confidence, develop organization skills and enhance study skills. Our X-Skills program helps students develop Executive Functioning Skills which make a sustainable difference in our students’ lives. Our belief “Every Student Can Learn With The Right Approach”. 
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Math Tutoring

One -on-one tutoring is perfect for students who have varying learning needs.  An in home tutor helps eliminate the stress and distraction some students may be experience in the class. Tutor Doctor works closely with families who require support to manage their studies in the classroom and customizes learning to the students need.

Academic Coaching & Tutoring

For your gifted and high achieving students who want to excel and leverage their knowledge and academic success Tutor Doctor provides one-on-one support to help them get into the University of their choice.

Home School Support & Private Tutoring

In alignment with your family’s Home School academic goals, we provide one-on-one support in those challenging subjects that you, as a parent, may feel uncomfortable teaching; Chemistry, Physics, High level Mathematics, Biology and many more.

Autism and Special Needs Academic Support

Tutor Doctor Raleigh and Wake Forest works with families who have students who require additional support to manage their studies. Particular care is taken to get the right tutor match for these students as we consider learning differences and requirements. Available information from psych ed assessments, teachers and doctors is drawn upon to put together individualized programs to help these students reach goals.

Raleigh Tutoring & TEST Preparation

Students of all ages need to prepare for tests and exams. We offer a comprehensive one-on-one program to prepare your student for the SAT® or ACT college entrance exam. We also offer comprehensive programs for LSAT prep, GED, GRE, GMAT and more!

Each students learns differently and will thrive when thier learning needs are met.  Our highly skilled professional tutors are prescreened and matched to support students in Raleigh,Wake Forrest,Franklinton, Youngsville, Cary, and Apex . We cover every subject including Geometry, Math I, Math II, Math III, AFM, Discrete, Pre-calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Language Arts, English, ESL, French, Spanish, Speed Reading Study Skills, Test-Exam Preparation, SAT®, ACT, LSAT, Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Grammar and Essay Writing. 

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Math Tutoring

  • Build Strong Foundation
  • Improve Study Skills
  • Prepare for Exams

English Tutoring

Retain What You Read
Think Creatively
Communicate Effectively

Science Tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring
Physics Tutoring
Biology Tutoring

Test Preparation

Test Prep Tutoring
ACT Test Prep
Entrance Exams